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The University of Texas Main Building aka the UT Tower was designed by the French born, Philadelphia architect Paul Cret and construction was completed in 1937. Cret was trained at the famed École des Beaux-Arts, or School of Fine Arts in Paris. Cret designed twenty buildings on the campus. The illumination of the Tower  is attributed to Carl J. Eckhardt Jr., head of the Physical Plant in 1931,  who supervised the construction of the Main Building Tower. Eckhardt devised a lighting system to take advantage of its commanding architecture to announce university achievements. Beginning in 1937, orange lights were used to symbolize important events at the University; by 1947, standard guidelines for using the orange lights were created, and these have been updated since. Today there are many different options for lighting, including a darkened tower to signify solemn occasions. An orange tower with office windows lit to form the numeral "1" is used for national championships in NCAA sporting events. (1)



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